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Reiki Energy Healing Los Angeles

Reiki Energy Healing Los Angeles

Reiki is a energetic balancing technique, a form of energy medicine hands-on or distance energy healing process that brings back the electro-magnetic energetic field of our bodies to balance. This field is called Human Energy Field (HEF) , an energy field that surrounds our physical bodies.
Called also Bio-Energy Healing (Los Angeles), Reiki energy healing helps removing energy blockages the prevent the energy from the source to flow, feed and heal our physical, mental and energetic bodies.

When the Human Energy Field is distorted by unhealthy emotions like stress, anxiety, anger, depression, this chronic energetic unbalance manifest physically as illness.

According to client's reports, Reiki healing helps clearing energetic blockages that:
  • prevent us on moving forward in life
  • beliefs not based on reality
  • phobias and fears
and this energetic clearing of energy blockages help us, according to client's experiences:
  • eliminating emotional pain, like a broken heart, toxic relationships
  • the pain of a loved one who passed away
  • or losing a friend
  • several other forms of emotional pain work, family or friends related
  • anxiety
  • depression, stress and distress energy healing
  • anguish
  • rehab from alcohol, sex overdone and drugs
  • loss of enthusiasm in life
  • lack of direction in life, in our purpose and even the work we do
  • pain reduction and even pain elimination
  • elimination of pain killers, pain management
People enjoy energy healing session for:
  • Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Rejuvenation!
  • Peak performance in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual activities
  • Relaxation, feel calm and at peace
  • Anxiety and stress relief
  • Mental focus, clarity, memory improvement
Some client's video testimonials:

Reiki Healing Los Angeles 4 Peak Performance & High Energy

Reiki has been proof effective for clearing energetic unhealthy emotions and emotional traumas like a worries, stress, a broken heart,  anxiety, work stress, family and friends emotional stress, depression and chronic negative emotions like anxiety, letting go of beliefs that are blocking us to move forward in life, and more.
It also helps on lessening physical discomfort and symptoms like pain, surgeries post-depression, menstrual cramps, pain management and others.
Some clients had been benefited from energy healing sessions by getting their pain lessened of the following situations:

- Bone pain caused by cancer metastasis
- Menstrual cramps/pain
- Headaches and migraines
- Broken bones pain, surgeries

Reiki energy healing can be effective for pain management according to clients.
Reiki healing also helps to heal faster from surgeries. It is recommended before and after surgeries. Dr. Oz uses Reiki on his operation room.
A Reiki session provides immediate benefits and pleasant feelings because energetic blockages are removed and the energy can flow again without those obstructions.. Some people report they feel a clear and fresh mind, physically and mentally lighter, they feel calm-peaceful, a relaxation of deep body and mind, unwanted emotions are released, new experiences in life are welcomed, they feel happier and much less stressed out. 
People's face expressions change so much after a Reiki session that they look like a different person! They look younger and relaxed. In most cases people really look more beautiful! THe main reason is that their faces reflect the deep relaxation and energization.
Some chronic physical, mental and emotional health conditions have a deep-long term energetic imbalance origin. Reiki and other forms of (hands on) Energy Healing are effective on improving  the self-healing process of those conditions, without the side effects of medications. Hands on and distance energy healing also speed up physical the healing process (surgeries, cuts, broken bones).

Dr. Oz says: "Sometimes, hands on energy healing works when nothing else does. Try something new like Reiki"
The meaning of the Reiki word is:
The Universal Life Force Energy that flows through all living things

We can also call it Bio-energy since it's an intelligent-living energy.
One of my clients had her cancer spread to her bones. Every time I gave a Reiki session on Fridays, she told me she was able to sleep through the night without taking pain medication.
Reiki has been scientifically studied and many clinical studies has been conducted to prove its efficacy. Even the Urban Zen holistic program at UCLA hospital includes Reiki,  in Westwood, California, Los Angeles area. THis UCLA holistic program trains nurses and  doctors on holistic practices like acupuncture, yoga, Reiki and more.
Some of the holistic methods used in this Urban Zen program includesrelaxing positions while you are guided through deep meditations and soothing breath awareness exercises, all the while, smelling healing essential oils and receiving balancing Reiki energy
Reiki is a very practical, down to earth and provable healing therapy practice. The benefits and results of a Reiki session are very evident and concrete.  After 5 years practicing on over 80 men and women, all of them had reported the deep-energetic relaxing state of body and mind, its soothing effects and benefits after my Reiki sessions.

Dr. Oz says that "Reiki is the future of alternative medicine"
I'm a Reiki master from the Usui Shiki Ryoho line. My Reiki master is Alberto Amura, founder of Light Tide Services, in Hermosa Beach, California.  Actually, Reiki has no address: it can be effectively administered at distance sessions. A distance Reiki energy healing session is as effective as a hands-on one because energy is not ruled by the space and time physics laws.

A typical Reiki session looks like this:
Reiki Hands-On Energy Healing Los Angeles
  • The person typically lays on her/his back on a massage table. Sometimes the client can lay on her or his stomach when treating her or his back.
  • Usually the client is cover with a sheet or blanket to keep her/him warm
  • A sooting-relaxing music is played. Sometimes the client takes a deep breath on a relaxing oil
  • This further helps to get into a energetic-conscious sleep state of deep energetic relaxationusually called “sleep” or dream-like state at a Reiki session. You are conscious, very relaxed and you don’t want to get “out” of that very-pleasant state!
  • I use also crystals that are placed on certain chakras.
  • Some of my clients call my Reiki sessions “an energy oil change”. (See video below)
  • The hands of the Reiki practitioner are placed over and/or on several parts of the clients body: the 7 main energetic centers along the spine -the chackras- and other places like knees, uncles and feet. There are more energy centers of secondary chakras.
  • The Reiki practitioner holds his/her hands on those positions for few minutes (2 to 5).
  • Standard sessions are about 45 minutes long. Sessions vary between 10 to 15 min for children, up to 30 to 60 minutes for adults. Even a 30 minutes session could be very deep and profound!
  • When the Reiki sessions is finished, we let the client take some time to get back to normal consciousness.
  • You do not fall asleep! You ALWAYS are aware during the Reiki sesion of your surroundings and the practitioner. It's a dream like state of deep relaxation.
  • On occasions people fell asleep, which is perfectly all right!
  • Some times you can feel a warmth ”energy” on one part of your body while the hands of the practitioner are on or over some other parts of your body.
  • Other times you can feel feel surges of energy even when the practitioner’s hands are not even over you neither touching you. This is more rare. I've heard reports like this very often from my clients!
My Reiki Masterand intuitive healer Alberto Amura, was very gracious to accept a Reiki session from my, three weeks after I completed my Reiki training. Here is his experience recount: 
Call me at 310.592.1813 or email me at
to try a free Reiki session and experience its benefits.
Reiki has the benefits and feelings of a deep and long meditation done by an experienced meditator! You will feel:
Physically and mentally Relaxed
Rejuvenated and energetic!
- Your face is so relaxed that you even look younger and more beautiful! (You can't hide it!)
Times flies by during the Reiki sessions. Usually clients ask: "45 min passed by?!"
and all those benefits without the years of meditation training!!! :-)

A Reiki session balances your chakras, energy centers along your spine. This is what is called a “chakra balancing”.
Most people feel a deep energetic and physical relaxation state during and after a Reiki session, which is usually between 30 to 60 minutes. In most cases a 30 to 45 minutes of Reiki session is more than enough to experience the soothing and relaxing energetic effects. Some of my clients call this relaxed state an “aware-conscious sleep”. Time and space are not an obstacle for “The Energy“. This is why it’s not necessary to strictly have an hour of Reiki. Some of my clients and friends had remarkable energetic experiences on just 30 minutes long sessions.

A 15 min session is enough for children to feel the energetic effects of Reiki.
A Reiki session produces a deep body/muscular state of relaxation. It’s like a conscious state of sleep, a dream like physical, emotional and mental relaxation state The person receiving the energy healing session is conscious of her/his surroundings, the hands and presence of the practitioner at all times. Reiki can not be confused with any king of hypnosis (a subconscious process)! It’s a 100% conscious process. People feel after a Reiki session like they had a deep nap because the energy temporarily and partially withdraws from their bodies, just like in a nap. This “energetic nap” produces a very deep recovery on the body. 
Depending on the individual, some people experience the “numbing-relaxation” of part or their entire bodies while still being aware of themselves and their surroundings. Other people feel just some areas of their bodies “asleep” or heavy: their arms or legs, half of their upper body, just the hands, etc..

Reiki Bio-Energy Healing in Los Angeles videos
We, Reiki practitioners, are just a clear channel and instrument from “The Energy” to pass through us to the client. The less emotional involve we (the Reiki practitioners) are, the better “The Energy” flows. It requires training. Any body can learn it and be able to use it with proper training and practice.

Below is a video where Dr. Oz talks more about the use of Reiki and its benefits:

I also give Reiki sessions to Autistic children. It’s incredible how well they respond to “The Energy”. It’s is beautiful for me to see and feel how well they feel after a Reiki session and the connection we make!
My first experience with an autistic child started with a handsome 15 years old, deep blue eyes boy. Our 1st session was just 15 minutes. It is usually enough and recommended to start with just 15 minutes of energy healing. Our 2nd session was close to 20 minutes, which was a big surprise for me due to the uncontrollable movements of his body during the first session. Our 3rd went to almost 30 minutes! because he got into the energetic-conscious sleep state of deep energetic relaxation that most people get into.
This experience showed me how effective energy healing is!
I also practice a clearing technique called The Quick Pulse, developed and though by Jo Duning. It is a form of energy healing that do not require for the client to lay on a massage table like in Reiki. It’s not a hands-on energy healing technique. It works in a similar way with “The Energy” that Reiki does and its intent is to remove energetic blockages: things you don't want or like in your life, things you want to change, emotional energetic clearing, like a broken heart, emotional stress, work stress, relationships stress and problems and similar situations. I found this energy clearing technique very effective on clearing emotional blockages, specially relationship related ones.

Even though hands-on energy healing is so effective and it’s beneficial effects can be felt by almost any person, still people are reluctant to try because of the western medicine brain washing we have.
Many of those conditions can be mitigated and can even disappear on some cases with different forms of energy healing like acupuncture, Reiki, other forms of hands-on energy healing, Qigong, the Quick Pulse a energy-clearing new technique developed and taught by Jo Dunning, bio-energy or bio-energetic work, and others (I'll update the list).
I had just incorporated crystal healing on my Reiki sessions!
See my Facebook page video: Facebook Reiki Healing Los Angeles
If you want to try a free introductory Reiki session and experiment its benefits, call me at 310.592.1813, or email me at

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